Have you been tuning up or tuning out your soul's whisper?

As a Transformation Empowerment Coach and RN, I help you find the Rx for your soul so you can trust your own intuition when it comes to your happiness and health.

“Kathy has coached me over the past three years, helping me sort out a variety of issues. On several occasions, she has talked me off the ledge. During each session, Kathy handled each of my challenges with empathy, compassion and professionalism. She asked the right questions, helped me break down my barriers, and gave me good insight and a new perspective. Kathy’s sound advice and words of wisdom have empowered me and led me to make solid decisions that enhanced my life. She is a naturally, gifted coach and will be a gift to anyone she works with.”

- Donna

"The heart has a ripple effect on what is going on within us. This is why it's so important to 'listen' to the whisper. It typically knows that you need. In turn, the heart sends out whatever is going on within it. I ask my clients, “What are you emitting?"

After experiencing a traumatic event in my life I slowly noticed a change in myself. I know most people will say, that’s quite normal to having changes after something traumatic happens to you. Fortunately, I didn’t have that mindset…but unfortunately for me in the long run…I noticed that I slowly started to regress, not socializing, wanting to be alone, not getting tasks completed, and it being a struggle just getting attacked, and I loved to sleep. When I realized I was in trouble, it was too many pieces to sort out or figure out on my own. The great part is I knew just who I could call. I watched Kathy from afar transform into this person who wants to help others, but I noticed she did the work in her own life first. It made her a safe haven, no judgement zone, let’s identify what’s causing your fear, anxiety or whatever it may be, and let’s learn to work through them. Instead of your issues working you, you work the issues. She helped me realize, if there are truly “too many pieces” lets tackle one at a time. To this day, I find myself handling every day issues or tasks that may arise the same way. Kathy has truly been a blessing to me, and I’m convinced she’s walking in her calling . She was patient, engaged, and empathetic; all of which I knew was genuine. For that alone, I’m forever indebted to her.

- L.B. RN

But maybe it’s not trauma. I often find people who feel stuck in their own reasoning, careers or health choices. They follow what others have told them do without question. My job is to place you back in line with yourself through heart centered coaching and a strategic step-by-step system.

“Having worked in the film production industry for over 16 years Producing promotional content for major Television Networks and fortune 500 companies, my desire to branch off on my own and challenge myself with a more creative role as a Director and owner of my own production company, grew over the years. Though I knew I was well equipped and capable, it became evident there were inner obstacles keeping me from being able to see all the pieces with clarity, precision and full direction. Therefore unable to align them with ease and confidence in order to move forward. I knew my biggest desire and goal was to take my years of experience and apply it to something that had greater purpose. After feeling absolutely stuck in transition for some time, with my lifelong dream being put on hold, it was time to take action and seek outside assistance.

It became clear I needed someone who could have a look at all the puzzle pieces and objectively observe what was in front of me as well, what was going on inside. My goal was to discover a few answers to what I felt might be the reasons for not being able to move forward. Was I in fact doubting my self-worth, ability and value, underselling myself? Was I making the wrong sacrifices? Was there something more I should be doing? Was I doubting my creative ability? If so, why? Self-confidence isn’t something I lack nor is fear one I tend to sit in or operate from. I’ve worked 20-hour days weeks at a time, hard work is nothing short in my blood. Admitting I was unable to find the answers was a feat in itself. After all, I am the one people hire and pay very well to make the impossible, possible. No matter, it was very clear to me that I was unable to grab ahold of what was blocking me from moving forward.

My first meeting with Kathy without a doubt she intuitively saw my heart, vision, goals having almost a sixth sense of where and what the “stuck” was. Her level of integritry, intuitiveness, compassionate spirit, calm and centered energy is rare, and assured me she was the one to guide me through this. Each session was powerful, full of self-discovery and created movement in abundance. She held me accoundable every step of the way. Encouraging me to look beyond my questions and answer. With gentleness, challenging my own set goals and visions when she saw a greater potential. The self-discovery I walked away with was beyond anything I would have imagined. The experience was magical, empowering and beyond my expectations.

Today, I am Owner/Producer/Director of a film production company that is successful and growing rapidly. Beyond the business side of things, I Produce and Direct projects for nonprofits who help in the fight of human trafficking. My business today is focused on supporting and empowering small businesses. Helping to building strong communities. Being a voice for our women and children who are being victimized. My time with Kathy unlocked and opened doors I was unable to see and through our work has launched me in the right direction. Kathy will forever be a part of my team in making sure we stay the course. It is clear her calling is to guide those of us searching for answers to achieve, believe, accomplish and discover. I do hope you’ll allow her to help you discover the best version of you.”

- Antoinette D. F.

Owner/Producer/Developer Full Service Film Production Company Development, Script writing, Content Creating and Postproduction Services

I've always been a healer and deeply connected to others.

I also earned my BSN in Nursing. I’m a member of the American Nurses Association, National Alliance on Mental Illness, and I travel to third world countries to work on medical mission teams.

I’m currently studying in Leadership and Organizational Development with a concentration in Executive Coaching.

I’ve survived traumas of my own. No one makes it out of this life unscathed.

“Everything shifts the moment you outsmart your fear.”
– Dr. Sean Stephenson

My coaching is for:

My coaching is for:

My coaching is for:

The benefits of my coaching are:

1. Perception shift

2. Challenge status quo

3. Gentle to go at your own pace

4. You will be heard and acknowledged

5. Gentle honesty until you need a push

6. Your emotions will be honored

7. You will discover things about yourself you long ago buried to assimilate

8. Finding evidence to support your dream/goal

9. Exploring possibilities

10. Root cause of your suffering

11. 1 Separate fact from fiction for growth

2. ntuitively, what health care do you need? Helping you find the mode of care you need.

3. Trust yourself more

4. What's happening in your mind is happening in your body

5. Changing the challenge to part of the goal

6. No preparation needed...just exploration and action

7. Return to joy

8. If goosebumps are not had within one session, then I'm not doing something right 😉

“The one concept that repeatedly surfaced when working with Kathy was to basically go with your gut. While that may seem obvious to some, sometimes we get in our own way and resist it so to speak. Kathy taught me to “go with the flow”. More specifically going with the flow meant to stay in harmony with yourself and to flow without resistance. For example, if it didn’t feel right or was laborious, then you were not flowing without resistance. Alas, we should trust our gut, or intuition, and do what brings us gifts and makes us “flow”. It is then we are better able to be in alignment with our inner selves.
Amy, RN

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We’ll start by taking a quick assessment to figure out your personality, so that I know exactly how to coach you. Next using my IBA, Imagine, Believe, Acheive approach:

We'll imagine and visualize how to get you unstuck and to heal.

We'll unpack the beliefs that are your reality.

I share specific strategies to help you achieve the right outcomes for your life.

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For those looking for a deeper transformation we’ll determine your personality, walk though my IBA, Imagine, Believe, Achieve system, and continue to unpack what’s really going on and navigate life’s challenges with follow up strategies and accountably until you feel empowered.

We'll imagine and visualize how to get you unstuck and to heal.

We'll unpack the beliefs that are your reality.

I share specific strategies to help you achieve the right outcomes for your life.

“Her ability to listen and hear things from what I tell her that I don’t even really realize myself. Like, providing a different perspective that I couldn’t see. She is excellent at that. Another thing is her understanding of interpersonal interactions and relationships makes her an expert on dealing with tough situations.” – CF, RN

I'm also a published Author and Speaker

The Strength of Our Anchors is a collection of personal stories that are woven with the challenges the authors have overcome, lessons learned, tools acquired, and the perspective that comes as a result of their willingness to reflect.

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